Meet Our Affiliated Researcher: Dr. Amro Farid, Associate Professor at the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth

Dr. Farid is an Associate Professor at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth and Director of the Laboratory for Intelligent Integrated Networks of Engineering Systems (LIINES). His research is devoted to enhancement of sustainability, and resilience in intelligent energy systems. His research team seeks to develop an internationally recognized, locally relevant and industrially-facing program of research that engineers intelligent & integrated control, automation, and information technology systems that support the operations and planning of large scale integrated energy systems. These activities encourage and facilitate technology policy that supports the achievement of energy, water, transportation & industrial policy objectives while eliminating barriers to sustainable and resilient automated solutions.

Within our electrified transportation systems research theme, the center has made two important achievements.

1.) Abu Dhabi Electric Vehicle Integration Study: In the first full scale study of its kind, the LIINES has studied the technical feasibility of electric vehicles with respect to three infrastructure systems: the road transportation system, the electrical grid, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation’s Intelligent Transportation System. Acknowledgement: The LIINES is grateful to METI for its partial financial support of this research, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the use of its Clean Mobility Simulator software and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport for providing data on its traffic patterns and intelligent transportation system.

2.) Hybrid Dynamics Modeling of the Transportation-Electricity Nexus: Building upon the previous research project and develops a hybrid dynamic system model of the full Energy-Transportation Nexus. By choosing to include the behavior of the transportation system in combination with the electrical system this model seeks to coordinate four types interdependent decisions: vehicle routing/dispatching, charging queue management, charging dispatch, and vehicle-2-grid stabilization.

Dr. Farid also maintains a research blog that highlights his latest conference proceedings, research and publications. His most recent publication is titled “A Hybrid Dynamic System Model for Multi-Modal Transportation Electrification,” published in the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY.

For more information on Dr. Farid you can click here.  We at the UMTC are pleased to welcome him to our Affiliate Researcher Network and look forward to working with him on interesting transportation research ideas in the future.



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